Best Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases!

So you just bought your brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy S5, good choice! The Galaxy S5 is worth over $700 and it is always a wise decision to look for a case to protect that Galaxy S5. If you look around the web you can find thousands of cases, but only a select few are worth looking into. This site, is the #1 source for you to find the best Samsung Galaxy S5 case that is actually worth checking out! This site will help you find the perfect case ranging from a flip wallet case, to an ultra protective case, all the way down to super slim and lightweight cases.

I have put together an all-in-one site for what I believe are the best cases for the Galaxy S5!

Top 10 Best Cases for the Galaxy S5: Comparison Chart

Spigen Slim ArmorRegular$$4.0
Cruzerlite Bugdroid CircuitSlim$4.0
Verus View FlipRegular$$4.3
Obliq Case Xtreme ProRegular$4.2
SUPCASE Premium Wallet LeatherRegular$4.5
Spigen Neo HybridRegular$$4.1
Otterbox Defender SeriesThick$$$4.4
KAYSCASE Slim Hard Shell CoverSlim$3.9
Cruzerlite Spi-Force TPUThick$4.0


styleDesign is an important factor when it comes to purchasing a case. You don’t want to have a case on the Galaxy S5 that looks like a 2 year old made it, you want it to look clean, sleek, and polished! Many times our cases become a part of us in someway or another and having a well crafted case that shows who you are is a very important factor. Some things that you should look into while looking into a design of the case is if it will fit properly in your hand. Keep an eye out on how soft the edges are and how well they curve. A couple of my favorite well designed cases are the URBAN ARMOR GEAR which gives it a very tough tank-like feel and the Spigen Neo Hybrid which has a nice colored bezel around the two piece case.


137_PHONE_PROTECTION_HOOKProtection is a major factor for a lot of people with the Galaxy S5 since they want to protect their $700 investment, especially since we take our phones everywhere we go. School, work, and even to the bathroom! A tough case that always has to take the hit when it slips out of your fingers doesn’t always have to be big and bulkly. I have been using cases for many years and have never gotten the big huge cases even though I am prone to dropping my phone. Many regular sized cases can take the daily damage just fine to keep your phone protected, but if you are still worried about breaking your phone then you should take a look at the Otterbox Defender Series which will take just about any drop no matter how bad it is.


This is a question that you should always ask yourself when looking into a case for the Galaxy S5, what functionality does this case offer me? Many flip/wallet style cases offer a few pockets to store your credit cards, ID, and a few dollar bills. If you’re interested in those features take a look at the SUPCASE Premium Wallet Leather. Many cases, but not all offer a nice lip around the top of the device to prevent scratches on your Galaxy S5 screen, while some other cases go one step further and offer a free screen protector too! 

Review of the 5 Best Cases for the Galaxy S5

Spigen Slim Armor

Spigen Slim Armor Case for Galaxy S5

The Spigen Slim Armor case for the Galaxy S5 is one of the best cases and many other Galaxy S5 owners agree. The Slim Armor is a 2 layer case. The inside is a soft TPU material to help absorb any shocks while the outer hard cover shell has a nice dot design (similar to the back cover of the Galaxy S5) where it will take most of the impact if you ever do drop your Galaxy S5. This case also has a nice color contrast as the inner TPU material always being black, but you can choose the color for the outer hard shell.

Colors: Copper Gold, Dante Red, Electric Blue, Metal Slate, and Shimmery White

This case offers a nice slim profile for how much protection it offers. With the back, edges, and even a little bit of the front being protected this is definitely one of the best cases to get for the Galaxy S5.

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Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit CaseThe Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit case is one of my all time favorite cases since it keeps the Galaxy S5 nice and slim, has a nice Android design, and is built from a tough, yet slim TPU material. I have been using Cruzerlite cases for years and I have always been satisfied with all their cases and this is no exception!

This case is great for anyone who might accidentally hit their Galaxy S5 against the table or drop it from time to time. With this case I have dropped my phone a couple of times on tiles and my Galaxy S5 was completely undamaged because of the shock absorbent TPU case.

This case is made to keep your Galaxy S5 slim, yet take the damage when you accidentally drop it from time to time.

Colors: Black, Blue, Clear, Green, Hot Pink, Orange, Purple, Red, Smoke, White, and Teal

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Verus View Flip

Verus View Flip Case

The Verus View Flip case is a more premium and stylish case for the Galaxy S5. It is made from premium vintage leather which does give it a nice premium look. This is a great case for anyone who is going out on a classy dinner restaurant or you’re the type of person that wears more formal clothes to work.

This is not only a flip case, but it also has a view cover so you can answer calls, reply to text messages, check the time, etc without having to flip open the case. It’s a very convenient case.

Colors: Dandy Black, Brown, Coffee, Deep Red, Red, Royal Blue, Black, Dark Blue, Hot Pink, Saffiano Mint, Pink, Purple, Red, and Yellow

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The URBAN ARMOR GEAR case offers a very tough look to the Galaxy S5. With the metallic like look to the back shell and with the screws on the back sides of the case it looks like a tank. The edges of the case offers some nice TPU grips on this 2 layer case. A nice shock absorbent inside and a nice hard shell on the outside. 

One other way this case gets just a little bit tougher is that it meets military drop-test standards 810G-516.6!

Colors: Black, White, Ice, Rust, Slate

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Otterbox Defender Series

Otterbox Defender SeriesThe Otterbox Defender Series is the toughest case for the Galaxy S5 hands down! This case is meant to take just about any type and any size of damage you can throw at it! With the multi-layer case it can withstand drops, bumps, dust, and shocks all without a problem. This case is so tough that is even comes with a built in screen protector to protect the screen! 

This case was meant to take all the harshest drops and hits to help keep the Galaxy S5 protected and since this case it focused mainly toward people who work in the construction area it also comes with a belt clip. 

Colors: Black, Gray, Aqua Blue, Slate Gray, Orange, Pink, and Purple

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